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Use this blog to find answers to your most common landscaping questions from the Jeff's Outdoor team and to find the latest news from Jeff's Outdoor.

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What do I need to do with my landscape this fall?

October 21, 2019

By Sherry Uildersma, We hope you’ve been enjoying the fall, but remember, there is some work to be done. There’s a lot to consider when getting your property ready for the winter months. Here’s a checklist that covers all the basics that may be required for your property. Your lawn… Water your lawn. Lawns still…

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Hands holding apples

How can I make the most of the fall season?

September 20, 2019

By Jeff Ronhaar, Head Coach “Summertime… and the livin’s easy.” You can almost feel the hot sun on your neck and taste the lemonade when you think of that song. But when September hits, that feeling starts fading quickly. For many people⸺landscaping professionals excluded⸺summer is a time of relaxed work…

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walking on a healthy lawn

How do I maintain a healthy lawn throughout the year?

August 12, 2019

By Paul Dumaresq, Jeff’s Outdoor Landscape Consultant A lush, green lawn is something every homeowner strives for, but to ensure your effort is rewarded, it’s important to be aware of the best lawn care techniques. A thick, healthy lawn not only looks great, but it also provides several lesser-known benefits:…

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Hamilton Trillium Award Winners

Hamilton Trillium Award Winners!

July 26, 2019

Congratulations to Holly and Tim Biggs for being recognized with a 2019 Hamilton Trillium Award! The Trillium Awards program recognizes homeowners whose landscaping contributes to a more attractive neighbourhood and community. Holly and Tim have hired Jeff’s for a variety of projects at their home over the past few years.…

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Haldimand County Landscape flowers

How do I choose the best plants and foliage for my Haldimand County landscape?

July 11, 2019

By Alan Eadie, Jeff’s Outdoor Landscape Designer Browsing around garden centres in the Haldimand County and Caledonia area can be a lot of fun, but it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to decide on what to purchase for your particular landscape. Narrowing down your options can…

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Outdoor kitchen and dining area

How do I create an amazing outdoor kitchen?

June 14, 2019

By Alan Eadie, Jeff’s Outdoor Landscape Designer An outdoor kitchen is one of the most beautiful and practical spaces you can add to your home. When well designed, outdoor kitchens become natural gathering spots where you and your family will enjoy cooking, grilling, and sharing a meal together. You may…

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Heart shape trimmed out of a hedge.

Top 10 Pro Tips to Show your Yard Some Love this Spring

May 8, 2019

By Mike Lessard It’s May. Ever wonder why they call it May? This year we’re starting to think it’s because summer may or may not come! After a long cold winter, it’s been a really long spring. It’s hard to think about enjoying a cold drink on your patio, relaxing…

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Backyard View

It’s Finally Spring. Where do I Start?

March 27, 2019

By Jeff Ronhaar “Get outside!” Remember that first spring day when it started to get warmer? Your mom or dad was tired of you being cooped up inside and getting underfoot and you were unceremoniously pushed out the screen door and into the stark reality of your backyard. First you’re…

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What Do I Need to Do to Prepare My Yard for Winter?

November 2, 2018

By Paul Dumaresq There’s no question we love the warmer months, but fall’s cooler temperatures can actually make working outdoors more comfortable. There’s no question winter is coming. We can already feel it in the air when our trucks and trailers roll out in the early morning. You’ve probably already…

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Photo of a backyard firepit

Can I Install A Firepit In My Backyard?

September 27, 2018

By Jeff Ronhaar. Few things are as fun—or as Canadian—as a night outdoors, with friends, drinks, and maybe some marshmallows, s’mores or other comfort food roasted over a crackling fire. There’s almost a deep primal joy we get from gathering around in a circle sharing old stories and jokes, strumming…

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Closer up view of the front of a house with plants and trees along the walkway

What Should I Do to Improve My Home’s Curb Appeal?

September 4, 2018

By Mike Lessard There’s a phrase that comes up often in conversations about home improvement. Especially among people who are thinking of selling their homes. That phrase is “curb appeal.” But what exactly is curb appeal? Why is curb appeal so important? First Impressions Count Go ahead. Take a stroll…

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Overview of backyard designed by Jeff's Outdoor

How do I choose the best landscaping company to create my dream outdoor space?

July 31, 2018

By Mike Lessard Every new garden begins with a dream. Every new patio starts with visions of a barbecue with friends or fun family get-togethers. New driveway and front garden ideas often begin after slow drives through your neighbourhood, scoping out the projects others have created.   Do you have…

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Melanie Morris of Jeff's Outdoor

What Do You Love Most about Your Yard?

June 29, 2018

At Jeff’s Outdoor, one of our core values is appreciation for the outdoors. People are healthier and happier when they are outside. This month, we introduce you to our office administrator, Melanie Morris, a perfect example of someone who appreciates the outdoors – even if she is the one person…

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Image of a tick on a blade of grass. Ticks.

How can I deal with ticks in my own backyard?

May 8, 2018

By Roger Kelley One of the true pleasures of summer is digging your toes into a healthy green lawn. But every year it seems like we hear more about Lyme disease and its debilitating effects. We’re not medical experts at Jeff’s Outdoor, but we do know that Lyme is spread…

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water drop on grass

How do I care for my new sod?

May 4, 2018

By Joe Carr Have you recently had new sod installed? To establish your new lawn and ensure lasting enjoyment, it’s especially important to care for it properly during the first 6 weeks. Day 1 The sod should be soaked with water as soon as it’s laid. The soil on the…

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How do I maintain my new outdoor plants?

May 4, 2018

By Paul Dumaresq Do you have new outdoor plants at your home or business? You’ll need to provide proper care to keep them looking their best. Here are some basic guidelines to get you started. Water Don’t kill your plants with kindness by overwatering. The is the most common mistake…

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Group shot of the employees at Jeff's Outdoor

Introducing “Ask Jeff’s” – A Caledonia Landscaping Blog

May 4, 2018

By Jeff Ronhaar Hi, I’m Jeff from Jeff’s Outdoor. I don’t always like saying those words. Here’s why… When I started Jeff’s Lawn Care at the tender age of 14, I was an energetic kid with a borrowed lawnmower. At the time, it seemed to make sense to call my…

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