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The Jeff's team sticks to the simple values we started with back in 1994: friendliness, hard work, honesty and integrityRead the bios below to learn more about some of the people you'll be working with at Jeff's.

Jeff Ronhaar of Jeff's Outdoor

Jeff Ronhaar of Jeff's Outdoor

Jeff Ronhaar

Head Coach since 1994

Meet Jeff

Jeff's Outdoor began when an enterprising 14-year-old decided to turn paper route customers into lawn care customers. Jeff started with one mower and never looked back. (By the way, looking back is the last thing you want to do when you’re operating a mower.)

The son of Dutch immigrants, Jeff grew up always wanting his own way. He claims he rarely got it. That's debatable. He did get plenty of lessons about hard work, determination, and, above all, treating people right.

After developing the landscape maintenance side of the company (as Jeff's Lawn Care), Jeff turned his attention to design-build projects. Jeff continues to grow his business—or, as he puts it, “polish the apple”—through professional development, association memberships and peer groups. Ultimately, Jeff aims to fully understand how he can help his customers get maximum enjoyment from their properties—whether that's by helping them create amazing outdoor spaces, or eliminating maintenance headaches.

Jeff still wants to get his own way once in a while. But with a wife, two girls, three grand-daughters and a couple of girl dogs, that’s not happening any time soon.


Paul Dumaresq

Landscape Consultant since 1999

Paul has been with Jeff’s since 1999. In fact, he’s the second person Jeff hired. His main role is maintenance sales, but we have a hard time keeping Paul from getting his hands dirty. He’s also often got his nose buried in a book or magazine, researching new techniques, trends, plant materials...chipping...putting. Paul has spent years maintaining hundreds of properties and he does so with passion and with pride. And Paul is a family man. Jeff and Dave like to talk, but when Paul has a story going about his kids, no one gets a word in edgewise.

Melanie Morris of Jeff's Outdoor


Melanie Morris of Jeff's Outdoor

Melanie Morris

Administrator since 2011

Melanie keeps our people and our paper organized and accounted for. She makes sure we pay the bills, meet our appointments, do our work and eat our peas. Melanie is the person you’ll talk to when you call. She always has our clients’ best interests at heart. She loves walking her dogs down at the river, and sometimes she brings them to work. They’re good company and they listen better than we do.

Mike Lessard of Jeff's Outdoor


Mike Lessard of Jeff's Outdoor

Mike Lessard

Landscape Consultant since 2015

Mike has a background in client services. Mike likes to volunteer in the community: we like that about him. He is currently the vice president at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce. Mike is also a very fast skier — or at least he claims to be. We're fine with that because we know he always takes his time with our customers.

Rick Wiltshire of Jeff's Outdoor

Rick Wiltshire of Jeff's Outdoor

Rick Wiltshire

Fix-All since 2011

We’ve got a lot of equipment. To provide reliable service, it needs to be in tip top shape. Rick makes that happen. One of the first things Rick did at Jeff’s was take apart a Bobcat. Jeff walked into the shop to find hundreds of parts spread out over the floor. Rick’s explanation did not inspire confidence: “I’ve never done this before. Don’t touch anything!” An hour later Rick drove past the office honking the horn! Rick works on our machines during the week so he and his wife Sandy can enjoy touring their motorcycles on the weekend.


Formerly Jeff's Lawn Care, we have been serving all of Haldimand County since 1994. Our service area includes

  • Ancaster
  • Caledonia
  • Hamilton
  • Stoney Creek

And all points in between.


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