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The Jeff's team sticks to the simple values we started with back in 1994: friendliness, hard work, honesty and integrityRead the bios below to learn more about some of the people you'll be working with at Jeff's.


Paul Dumaresq

Landscape Consultant

Joined in 1999

Paul has been with Jeff\'s since 1999. In fact, he's the second person Jeff hired. His main role is maintenance sales, but we have a hard time keeping Paul from getting his hands dirty. He's also often got his nose buried in a book or magazine, researching new techniques, trends, plant materials... chipping...putting.


Paul has spent years maintaining hundreds of properties and he does so with passion and with pride. Jeff and Dave like to talk, but when Paul has a story going about his kids, no one gets a word in edgewise.


Alan Eadie

Landscape Designer

Joined in 2019

Alan joined our team full time in 2019 after working independently as our landscape designer for the last 10 years. He has an extensive background in residential landscape design and before that spent years out west working and designing golf courses.

We are excited for the opportunity to add Alan\'s creative flair to our projects. Alan and his wife Trish love to relax in their cabin up north; like all of our staff, the outdoors is where they feel most at home. We suspect it\'s that peace and tranquility that inspire Alan\'s best ideas


Tom Garry

Construction Manager

Joined in 2020

Tom joined our team in the spring of 2020 as our construction manager. Tom ran his own landscape construction business for years and also spent time building large estate landscapes for clients along the shores of Lake Ontario.

In his spare time, Tom loves to golf, but honestly, who has spare time in the landscape industry? At least we all can dream…

Mike Lessard of Jeff's Outdoor


Mike Lessard of Jeff's Outdoor

Mike Lessard

Landscape Consultant

Joined in 2015

Mike has a background in client services. Mike likes to volunteer in the community: we like that about him. He is currently the vice president at the Dunnville Chamber of Commerce.

Mike is also a very fast skier - or at least he claims to be. We're fine with that because we know he always takes his time with our customers.

Jeff Lindstrom of Jeff's Outdoor

Jeff Ronhaar of Jeff's Outdoor

Jeff Lindstrom

Landscape Designer

Joined in 2020

Jeff joined our team in the spring of 2020 as the designer for our enhancement division. Jeff has had a well travelled landscape career, starting in Wisconsin, where he studied to become a Landscape Architect. After some time in Houston, Jeff moved to Ontario and then finally to Hamilton. Jeff has brought his unique landscape experience to our team, providing us with fresh ideas for our clients projects.

Don't let that baseball bat scare you. In his spare time, Jeff enjoys playing softball.

Melanie Morris of Jeff's Outdoor


Melanie Morris of Jeff's Outdoor

Melanie Morris


Joined in 2011

Melanie keeps our people and our paper organized and accounted for. She makes sure we pay the bills, meet our appointments, do our work and eat our peas. Melanie is the person you\'ll talk to when you call. She always has our clients\' best interests at heart.

Melanie loves walking her dogs down at the river, and sometimes she brings them to work. They\'re good company and they listen better than we do.

Tom Negus

Tom Negus

Manager, Enhancement Division

Joined in 2017

Tom joined our team in the winter of 2017 and after years of running his own landscape maintenance business, we convinced him to Manage our Enhancement Crews.

Tom has such a strong eye for detail and great leadership qualities that his teams really enjoy what they accomplish together. Tom is an outdoor enthusiast at heart and spends much of his family time on trails or exploring what nature has to offer.

Jeff Lindstrom of Jeff's Outdoor


Jeff Ronhaar of Jeff's Outdoor

Jeff Ronhaar

Head Coach

Founded Jeff's Outdoor in 1994

Jeff's Outdoor began when an enterprising 14-year-old decided to turn paper route customers into lawncare customers. Jeff started with one mower and never looked back. (By the way, looking back is the last thing you want to do when you're operating a mower.)

Jeff grew up always wanting his own way. He claims he rarely got it. That's debatable. He did get plenty of lessons about hard work, determination, and, above all, treating people right.

Jeff still wants to get his own way once in a while. But with a wife, two girls, three grand-daughters and a couple of girl dogs, that's not happening any time soon.

Pete Schuur

Pete Schuur

Maintenance Manager

Joined in 2010

Pete joined our team in the summer of 2010 and has run our large commercial maintenance team for many years. Pete was recently promoted to Maintenance Manager, as we have been expanding. He's been responsible for training most of our current maintenance staff. Pete is calm, collected, and one of the most positive, easy-going guys you will ever meet.

Pete loves the outdoors and spends lots of time collecting sap for maple syrup or hunting way up north with friends. We all hope he never gets lost up there, as we really need him here with us.

Dave Spratt

Dave Spratt

Maintenance Consultant

Joined in 2018.

Dave joined Jeff's in the fall of 2018 as our Maintenance manager and he has since been promoted to Maintenance Consultant. Dave was a manager at the local Terra Garden Centre, so he brought lots of client experience, garden and plant knowledge to our team. He loves beautiful landscapes, which explains his passion for photography and the finer details that make things exceptionally above average. No one in our 25 year history has decorated his office as well as Dave... sometimes we wonder if he plans to move in.

Sherry Uildersma of Jeff's Outdoor


Jeff Ronhaar of Jeff's Outdoor

Sherry Uildersma

Maintenance Estimator

Joined in 2011

Sherry joined us in the summer of 2011 and ran one of our Horticultural crews for years. She has since been promoted to Maintenance Estimator and she's also our Human Resources Representative. Sherry and her husband Peter (our Construction delivery driver in the summer) make up our winter monitoring team.

Sherry is awfully fond of frogs and pieces of her collection can be seen around the office, including her very own prince (Peter).

Rick Wiltshire of Jeff's Outdoor

Rick Wiltshire of Jeff's Outdoor

Rick Wiltshire


Joined in 2011

We\'ve got a lot of equipment. To provide reliable service, it needs to be in tip top shape. Rick makes that happen. One of the first things Rick did at Jeff\'s was take apart a Bobcat. Jeff walked into the shop to find hundreds of parts spread out over the floor. Rick\'s explanation did not inspire confidence: \"I\'ve never done this before. Don\'t touch anything!\"

An hour later Rick drove past the office honking the horn! Rick works on our machines during the week so he and his wife Sandy can enjoy touring their motorcycles on the weekend.


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