Jeff's Outdoor's Ultimate Guide to Landscaping in Haldimand County

Over the past few years, we've used our blog to answer a lot of common questions about how to take proper care and get maximum enjoyment from your Haldimand County and Caledonia area landscape. We've compiled the best of that information here for easy access.



The appearance of your home's exterior creates an initial impression of you as a homeowner, and indicates the overall condition of your property.

Anyone who really loves their home will put effort into its upkeep. Not only because they want to maintain the value or their investment, but also because they take pride in their home and fully enjoy it.

Stone patio area

Do you have a growing vision for your perfect outdoor space but wonder how you can get started?

There are so many options for completing a landscape project. Call in all your healthy young relatives. Bribe your buddies at work with a bbq and a full cooler. Hire that guy down the street. Or do it yourself…. Just remember that old adage: You get what you pay for.

Landscape Features

Outdoor kitchen and dining area

When well designed, outdoor kitchens become natural gathering spots where you and your family will enjoy cooking, grilling, and sharing a meal together. You may have big dreams for this space, but once you start planning, you may find it\'s even more complicated than planning an indoor kitchen remodel.

Where do you begin in order to ensure you\'ll create an amazing outdoor kitchen? Here are our top outdoor kitchen design tips to help get you started.

Fire pit surrounded by four yellow Muskoka chairs

Few things are as fun-or as Canadian-as a night outdoors, with friends, drinks, and maybe some marshmallows, s\'mores or other comfort food roasted over a crackling fire.

There\'s almost a deep primal joy we get from gathering around in a circle sharing old stories and jokes, strumming a guitar and huddling together for warmth. So, why do we limit our campfire experience to camping and cottage trips?

Lawn & Plant Care

Group of happy children lying on green grass outdoors in spring park - landscaping

A lush, green lawn is something every homeowner strives for, but to ensure your effort is rewarded, it\'s important to be aware of the best lawn care techniques.

watering can

Do you have new outdoor plants at your home or business? You'll need to provide proper care to keep them looking their best. Here are some basic guidelines to get you started.

Seasonal Care

Heart shape trimmed out of a hedge.

It\'s May. Ever wonder why they call it May? This year we're starting to think it\'s because summer may or may not come!
After a long cold winter, it\'s hard to think about enjoying a cold drink on your patio, relaxing in your hammock, or entertaining your friends around the pool when it\'s still cold, wet, and messy outside.

Here are our top 10 pro tips for preparing your outdoors for another enjoyable season.

trimming a bush

For many of us, by the time late fall arrives, we\'re a little less enthusiastic about yard work than we were throughout the spring and summer.

But preparing your plants and shrubs for the winter can actually be a pleasant way to spend some time outdoors enjoying the cooler weather before winter arrives. And your plants and shrubs will thank you by thriving beautifully in the spring.

Click below for a few things you can do to prepare your plants and shrubs for the winter.


Image of a tick on a blade of grass. Ticks.

One of the true pleasures of summer is digging your toes into a healthy green lawn. But every year it seems like we hear more about Lyme disease and its debilitating effects.

At Jeff\'s Outdoor, we\'ve been asking the same questions that you have. So, here are some of the answers we\'ve found and some ideas for how you can fully enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about ticks.

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