How do I maintain my new outdoor plants?

By Paul Dumaresq

Do you have new outdoor plants at your home or business? You'll need to provide proper care to keep them looking their best. Here are some basic guidelines to get you started.


Don't kill your plants with kindness by overwatering. The is the most common mistake gardeners make. Different plants need different levels of moisture between watering. Some plants like moist soil between waterings, while others prefer to dry out completely. Check online or contact us to determine the specific water needs of your plants. (If you follow us on our Facebook page, this would be a great place to ask our resident gardener, Kellie).

Other important watering tips

  • Check the soil between waterings with a stick, or even your finger, pushing below the top layer of soil or mulch to determine how moist the soil is.
  • A watering can is an excellent choice for watering plants. Water well around the base.
  • Water plants thoroughly. Water should run away from the edges of the plant or drain from the hole in the bottom of the pot.


Plants have individual nutrition needs, and beginning gardeners should be careful not to overfeed their plants. New plant installations will not need fertilizers or food of any kind for the first three months as they come from the nursery prepared for transplant.

Plant fertilizers come in three forms:

  • Water-soluble: a liquid mixed with water and poured on the plant
  • Spikes: a solid food that is pushed directly into the soil and releases nutrients slowly
  • Granular: sprinkled around the base of a plant and watered in.

Insects or Disease

Keep an eye open for harmful insects or disease on new plant material. New plantings are not as strong as established plants, so they do require more attention. If you see a concern, you can research the issue or contact us for advice.

Online Resources

Here are some useful links to help you get started in researching your plants.

Don't have the time or energy to do it yourself?

We love to work outside so you can enjoy your time there. If you're struggling to maintain your garden or other landscape features, we can help. Check out our Landscape Maintenance packages here.


By Paul Dumaresq

Paul, our Maintenance Client Rep, has been with Jeff’s since 1999. Paul has spent years maintaining hundreds of properties and he does so with passion and with pride.

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