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Introducing “Ask Jeff’s” – A Caledonia Landscaping Blog

By Jeff Ronhaar

Hi, I'm Jeff from Jeff's Outdoor.
I don't always like saying those words.
Here's why...

When I started Jeff's Lawn Care at the tender age of 14, I was an energetic kid with a borrowed lawnmower. At the time, it seemed to make sense to call my new enterprise “Jeff's” (I was kind of the centre of my own little world). For better or worse, the name stuck. I never imagined my business would grow into what it is today  So, the message I really want to share in this initial blog post is: "I'm Jeff. I'm not Jeff's!"

So, who is Jeff's?

I'm proud to say that Jeff's Outdoor is so much more than just me. Jeff's is a team of about 30 dedicated, expert, outdoor-loving landscaping professionals who help homeowners (and some businesses) all around Caledonia, Binbrook, Stoney Creek and Hamilton truly enjoy their own outdoor spaces. (You can learn more about our management team here).

You'll also notice that we recently changed our name from Jeff's Lawn Care to Jeff's Outdoor. That's because today we do so much more than just lawn care. Our design-build team helps you plan, design and build spaces that inspire you to spend more time in the open air. And our maintenance crews help you with all of your year-round outdoor needs, including cleanup, trimming and pruning, and gardening. We've even become the first landscaping maintenance business in the area to add tick control to our list of services.

Why "Ask Jeff's?"

Moving forward, my hope is that when people think of Jeff's Outdoor, instead of me, they think of my amazing team members. That's why we're starting this blog. I want you to meet the people that provide top notch landscaping design-build and maintenance services for our customers day in and day out. I want you to benefit from their hard-earned knowledge and get to know them and trust them just like I do.

Our customers ask us a lot of questions. So, our posts will aim to provide answers for you (and anyone else who finds this blog). We don't expect you'll follow or read every post. But if you ever have a question about how to design or care for your outdoor space, be sure to check in with us. If you don't find the answer on our blog, send us your own questions using the form on this page and we'll get back to you. Who knows? We may even write a future post about it.

If you're a customer we haven’t met yet — someone looking for help designing, building, or maintaining your outdoor living space, send us your questions — we'd love to meet you and learn more about your needs. In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy and benefit from the information you find here.

Jeff Ronhaar of Jeff's Outdoor

Jeff Ronhaar started Jeff's in 1994 with a single borrowed mower. Jeff's Outdoor now includes around 30 reliable and trustworthy landscaping professionals.

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