What do I need to do with my landscape this fall?

girl playing in autumn leaves

By Sherry Uildersma, We hope you’ve been enjoying the fall, but remember, there is some work to be done. There’s a lot to consider when getting your property ready for the winter months. Here’s a checklist that covers all the basics that may be required for your property. Your lawn… Water your lawn. Lawns still…

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How can I make the most of the fall season?

Hands holding apples

By Jeff Ronhaar, Head Coach “Summertime… and the livin’s easy.” You can almost feel the hot sun on your neck and taste the lemonade when you think of that song. But when September hits, that feeling starts fading quickly. For many people⸺landscaping professionals excluded⸺summer is a time of relaxed work expectations. September brings with it…

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