COVID-19 Update – October 2021

Here are the practices we’re requiring our staff to follow regarding COVID-19.

  • Maintain social distancing as much as possible on all job sites and around our yard outside.
  • Masks need to be worn when driving together in company trucks.
  • Staff have the option to drive separately to job sites using their own vehicles. 
  • Masks are required inside our company building (unless staff are alone in their office or in the washroom).
  • Masks are required when meeting all clients and staff are restricted from entering a client’s home.
  • All clients are required to wear a mask inside our office.  
  • The staff illness policy remains the same. If staff are sick, they may take the second day to monitor their condition. If conditions improve they may return to work. If conditions worsen, they must get a COVID test.  
  • At this time, all staff have either been vaccinated or are completing rapid COVID tests on a regular basis.

Jeff Ronhaar and the team at Jeff’s Outdoor