Driveway with garden beside it

Don’t delay… RE-LAY!

Interlock patios and walkways are a popular upgrade at many Canadian homes. But years of harsh weather, weed growth, and uneven settling can leave them looking overgrown and unsightly. A patio re-lay is a great way to restore a wise investment at a fraction of the original price.

When installed properly, pavers give decades of trouble-free service.  Unfortunately, interlock pavers are not always put down in the expert way they require. Like a house, interlock pavers need a solid foundation. 

We’ve all seen sunken patios and sagging walkways, with pooling water and weeds growing in the cracks.

The good news, these common issues can all be fixed, and at a fraction of the cost of the initial installation. Over the years, we have repaired the gravel foundation under many walkways and patios. If you walk by these repairs today, they look as good as ever. 

Imagine the difference in the appearance and safety the small investment in repairing your interlock will make.

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