Landscape upgrades

Clean up your gardens.

An old Chinese proverb says “Life begins the day you start a garden.”

That’s so true, but while every garden was planted with great intentions, it’s also true that in a few short weeks, “life” can also take over your garden in the form of unwanted weeds.

Whether you need a simple garden clean up or a full-scale garden overhaul, both are a very cost-effective ways to give your curb appeal a boost. Even the most desperate looking garden can quickly be turned into a showpiece. A few days of effort from a talented garden crew can work wonders.

In addition, trimming back trees, shrubs, and perennials can really open up the look of your yard and home. Sometimes selecting just one or two plants to be removed or replaced can change the whole impression of your home from the street.

With Jeff’s Outdoor, depending on your needs, you can choose a one-time garden clean up or a seasonal lawn and garden maintenance plan. A maintenance plan gives you peace of mind that the yard will always look its best, without you having to lift a finger.

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